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​To submit to Crowns Magazine, start by creating an "About Me" document using a word processor. Include an introduction, background, career highlights, platform or interests, and your contact information. Next, select high-resolution images that you own or have written permission to publish along with photo credit information. Upload your document and images to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and get a shareable link. Then, complete the submission form by filling in your personal details and pasting the shareable link in the designated field. If you are selected, a representative from Crowns Magazine will contact you via . 


Thanks for submitting!

Win a Crowns Magazine Beauty of the Month Title and Feature

Choose your best photo that will showcase your photogenic qualities. Make sure your photos are high-resolution images. You must own the rights to the photos  or have written permission to publish the images. You must include photo credit information. 


Visit the Crowns Submission page to complete the entry form. Fill out all required details, including your contact information and any additional information requested.


Follow Crowns Magazine social media platforms and regularly check the website for updates on the competition and other opportunities.


There are 3 winners each month. Good luck with your entry! Winning the title of Crowns Magazine Beauty of the Month in the  Little Miss, Teen Miss or Ms age division. Being featured in Crowns Magazine will be a fantastic achievement.

Crowns Beauty of The Month (2).jpg

Thanks for submitting!

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